A little sneak peek of a project I’m doing with some artist friends - hope to show the full piece next week!

A visual summary of my Comic-Con experience this year. So grateful I had the opportunity to come back again. From camping out for Hall H to meeting and grabbing prints from rad artists like Mike Mitchell, I thoroughly enjoyed my time! Until next year!


Disney Family Crests | Oh My Disney 

A sample of some Disney Family Crests my coworkers and I created. I made the Frankenweenie one - love that movie! Make sure to view the others not featured above by going to the original article at Oh My Disney.

22.Jul.14 1 week ago

Check out this (unofficial) Frankenstein family crest I created for Disney Blogs! I love the Frankenweenie movie so getting the chance to do this was a blast! See the other Disney family crests my coworkers created over on Oh My Disney.

A Dr. Facilier inspired Fleur-De-Lis! Check out the rest of the set from my coworkers on Disney’s Facebook.

Won a Tsum for having a high score at work last week. #stitch #tsumtsum #disney


"Competence is such a rare bird in these woods that I appreciate it whenever I see it."


Friends forever.

Check out this piece I illustrated at work for one of my favorite all-time Disney movies, “The Fox and The Hound”!

Of course I had to make a tsum of my awesomely talented friend Calvin after I got him addicted to the game. Check out his art and CHECK OUT THE GAME/APP!


So naturally I created a tsum of myself - Send help, I have a problem.

If you haven’t started playing this game check out THIS SITE and download it asap.

Do you play it?

#061 Poliwhirl

Tadpole Pokémon 

Been a while since I have made a post to The Re-Dex Initiative (give the blog a look and follow if you haven’t yet). Worked on this guy on my iPad while on a plane trip - a great way to pass the time!  

RDTJ's Blog

Spidey sketches during my airplane trips today!

Mario 💖 Peach

Also created this piece for @chuparoo ‘s guest bathroom. 🎨🚽