Venom for @sketch_dailies ! Had a blast art jamming with calvinloveinternet yesterday - Make sure check his Venom out too!

Line Games

Anyone play Line games - specifically Tsum Tsum or Cookie Run? If so let’s play together! Message me your Line ID and I’ll add you!

27.Aug.14 1 month ago


Reasons why I like chilling at #RepublicOfPie #GotG

STUFF #art #wip



Sailor Scouts!

Inspired by the new Crystal reboot of the anime series, Sailor Moon, me and a few other art friends decided to do an art collab where we each take one of the original five scouts and Tuxedo Mask and put our own spin/style into their designs! Below is a list of links to the artists and which character they redesigned! Please check them out!

Sailor Jupiter - Phillip Light aka philliplight

Sailor Mars - Calvin P aka calvinloveinternet

Sailor Moon - Gina aka ginsays

Tuxedo Mask - Matt Pichette aka mattpichette

Sailor Mercury - RDTJ aka rdtj

Sailor Venus - Michael Perez aka illustrated-process

Enjoyed working on this collab project! Make sure to check out the other artists’ blogs - they are crazy talented people (links above)! 

PS - Mine is Sailor Mercury!

21.Aug.14 1 month ago

Preview of a little some’some I’m working on. #art #space

This is why I love comics.

WIP #art #robot

I feel like I just leveled up my first Pokemon. ✨🐶⬆️✨

10.Aug.14 1 month ago


was so awesome that a group of artists friends and myself decided to do a collab project! Each of us were assigned a different member of the team to draw in our unique style - to later be combined in a group pose together. Below is a link to each artist’s individual blog so make sure to check these cool cats out!

Star-Lord - Callum

Gamora - Gina

Drax - RDTJ

Rocket - Calvin

Groot - Michael

09.Aug.14 1 month ago

@michael_bourne brought in some Copic markers for me to try - made a quick #ultron sketch! Thanks man!

✨ Got one of the new #tsumtsum - #Tinkerbell ! ✨


Princess 101 with Queen Clarisse Renaldi was in session 13 years ago today.

Check out this “The Princess Diaries” piece I created to celebrate the anniversary of the movie!