"bOo" turnaround - RDTJ, 2013

11.Sep.13 1 year ago

"bOo" - RDTJ, 2013

Link to “bOo” video

11.Sep.13 1 year ago

"bOo" - RDTJ, 2013

11.Sep.13 1 year ago


"The Lady Bird", Raku Clay, 6”x7.5”x4.5”, Fall 2011

"On The Rocks", Various Clay, 6”x17”x12”, Spring 2012

Here are some black and white ceramic vessels I forgot to upload! Opps! I made them during my last semester at Vanderbilt. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

26.Jun.12 2 years ago

Miasma, Raku Clay, 15”x12”x15”, Fall 2011

06.May.12 2 years ago

How hectic my studio is right now…….need……more…..storage……

05.Mar.12 2 years ago

The last big batch of ceramic vessels I will be posting for a while. All of these were gifts to family and friends last year.

26.Feb.12 2 years ago

Ceramic gifts I have made for family in the past!

25.Feb.12 2 years ago

Harvest Moon cow!

Cobra Rock.

10.Feb.12 2 years ago

The Stump Vase

09.Feb.12 2 years ago