"The Lady Bird", Raku Clay, 6”x7.5”x4.5”, Fall 2011

"On The Rocks", Various Clay, 6”x17”x12”, Spring 2012

Miasma, Raku Clay, 15”x12”x15”, Fall 2011

06.May.12 2 years ago

Ceramic gifts I have made for family in the past!

25.Feb.12 2 years ago

A Toxic Monster.

19.Jan.12 2 years ago

Raku Claws.

I have been experimenting a lot this semester with raku glazes and this was one of my earlier tests. I was messing around with surface textures to produce various effects and colors during the firing process. You can’t tell as much from the picture, but the monster has a great shine to it. It was featured in a student gallery show.

Let me know what you think!

09.Jan.12 2 years ago